Carno - Village at the Heart of Wales

Carno is often referred to as being as being at the heart of Wales and when studying any map of Wales it can clearly be seen as why the village has acquired this identity. The name of Carno is derived from the Welsh word for cairn (carnedd) as there are many ancient cairns on the hills surrounding the village.

The village sits astride the A470, in the traditional county of Montgomeryshire in the rural valley of the River Carno between the hills of Allt Fawr and Allt Goch. Carno is within easy reach of Newtown and Welshpool and is approximately a 45 minute drive from the coast.

The community benefits from a range of facilities, a Welsh language school, convenience store, pubs, places of worship and has a thriving Community Centre which supports a range of recreational activities and clubs.

Carno has also been home to people and events that have left a mark on history. Most famously through its close association with Laura & Sir Bernard Ashley who chose Carno as the ideal location and home for what become the internationally renowned Laura Ashley fashion company..